Quality Testing

Quality Testing


Cannabis Product Testing



Potency Testing:

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in marijuana that may produce the euphoria as in the case of THC. Not all cannabinoids produce a euphoric effect. Some will even compete against others. Testing at NCTL will provide results based on the percentage of the whole for each individual cannabinoid required by the state including: THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and CBN. We can quantitate all other cannabinoids for research use only by customer request. Contact NCTL for the list of possible compounds beyond what is required.

Cannabinoid testing:


HPLC UV determination for 5 required cannabinoids and up to 11 of the most standard cannabinoids.

LC-MS/MS is used for the more esoteric compounds in cannabis.

Terpene testing:

Terpenes and terpenoids are generally the compounds that give the plant its characteristic smell and tastes. Terpenes are one of the newest areas of research and interest in the cannabis market. These chemicals interact with the cannabinoids to produce different effects. This is better known as the entourage effect. Currently terpene testing is not required by the state but this service is offered to our customers who seek that knowledge.

The machine used will depend on the chemistries of the compounds in question; typically it will utilize a headspace GC-MS.

Water Activity/Loss on drying:

Activity of water will be assessed for all samples as well as the percent of moisture lost.  This is beneficial to make sure your drying and curing processes are optimized and consistent.

Curing Testing:

Curing cannabis flower is a crucial part of cannabis production.  Curing increases potency, affect flavor and quality, it preserves the cannabis flower, and will turn a decent product into an excellent one.  Different strains of cannabis will require different lengths of curing even in optimal climate conditions.  NCTL, through stability cannabis lab testing, can identify the exact time the cannabis flower is perfectly cured and ready for distribution.  With this service, you can be sure you have the best quality cannabis available in the state.


Raw Materials Testing



Water Testing:

NCTL can make sure that the water coming in and going out is exactly what your cannabis plants need and is safe for release from your facility. It is recommended that you test your water often and even after filtration through reverse osmosis or other forms of water filtration. If you are using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc., make sure it isn’t going to contaminate the ground water with the assistance of NCTL.

Soil and Grow Media Testing:

Soil and grow media are detrimental to a cannabis plants ability to live and flourish. Knowing what is in your soil or grow media is extremely important.  Soils and grow media may contain beneficial bacteria, fungi, beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, minerals, etc. Testing your soil and grow media will also reveal unwanted pests, low/high levels of nutrients, acidity levels, etc.

Plant Tissue Testing:

Identification of nutrient supply found within the tissues of individual plants can be a safety net when pheno hunting or identifying signs of plant stress. Monitoring a plant's nutrient supply through plant tissue testing can also help standardize feeding schedules for different cultivars in different stages of life.

Package Stability Testing:

Cannabis packaging materials can cause several problems for cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates, processed cannabis deliverables, and cannabis edibles. The volatility of terpenes in contact with certain packaging materials can cause the packaging to degrade and cause harmful chemicals to leach into the cannabis flower and cannabis products.  Even packaging labeled for cannabis use can be flawed or reactive to terpenes. NCTL can test cannabis and cannabis products throughout its life in packaging to make sure you are not losing quality through degradation or through terpene interaction with the packaging materials.  Other common problems in cannabis packaging are the loss of too much moisture, due to improperly sealed packaging, resulting in terpene loss, overly dried flower, harsh inhalations, cannabinoid degradation, concentrate separation, and alternatively, can cause mold and bacterial growth from too much moisture and/or humidity caused by the cannabis packaging. NCTL can eliminate these problematic concerns by testing the stability of a cultivator, extractor, or processors entire line of cannabis flower and cannabis products through its’ life in the cannabis packaged materials.

Package Seal Testing:

Packaging should extend the life of your product. Faulty seals, zippers, crimps, seams, adhesives, etc. can all play a role in early degradation of packaged products. Don't lose customers over a loss in quality due to packaging that doesn't live up to its promises. With package seal testing we can offer the peace of mind knowing that when your product is out of your hands, on the shelf, or in the hands of a consumer, it is in the condition it's meant to be in.