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North Coast Testing Labs (NCTL) has 23+ years of experience that stem from the soils of environmental testing and into the cannabis industry.  We are a dedicated EPA approved testing laboratory with a history of testing many of the same items that we will be testing for on your medical cannabis, such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, mycotoxins, volatiles and heavy metals. 


For you

Our Services

Our laboratory is equipped to test from seed to harvest and beyond. If you don’t see it on the list below, Contact Us to see how our additional services could be right for you.


Early Detection

  • Early Detection Powdery Mildew Testing

  • Early Detection Botrytis Testing

  • Early Detection Russet Mites

  • Determining Cannabinoid Ratios

  • Sexing of plants after the cotyledon stage. (Early Detection Gender Identification)

  • Genomic sequencing of coding information (exons only) and Full genomic sequencing


Contaminant Testing

  • Heavy Metals Testing

  • Pesticide Testing

  • Visual Inspection

  • Residual Solvent Testing

  • Microbial & Mycotoxin Contamination Testing

  • Air Quality Testing


Quality Testing

Cannabis Product Testing

  • Potency Testing

  • Cannabinoid testing

  • Terpene testing

  • Curing Testing

  • Water Activity/Loss on drying

Raw Material Testing

  • Water Testing

  • Soil and Grow Media Testing

  • Plant Tissue Testing

  • Package Stability Testing

  • Package Seal Testing


Additional TESTING

We offer an array of testing services for the cannabis industry that are unique to NCTL.  Backed by a team of experts from around the world,we look forward to working together to make sure every harvest is bountiful and every product is excellent.  Let us be your safety net in the cannabis industry.




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General Inquiries:

info@nctl.com / (234) 212-1860

Scientific Director:

Dr. Carolyn Friedrich, Ph.D. - CFriedrich@nctl.com

Lab Director:

Nick Szabo - NSzabo@nctl.com

Customer Support:

Joe Moorhead - JMoorhead@nctl.com

Sample Pickup Scheduling and/or LIMS Support:

Marie Sell - MSell@nctl.com


Cindy Ihmels - CIhmels@nctl.com


North Coast Testing Laboratory

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